Artel Scaffolding Ltd.

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Key Strengths

Quality Vision Statement

Artel Scaffolding Limited holds a vision to become the best scaffolding company in the United Kingdom. We aim to be renowned for delivering first class, scaffolding solutions which maintain the highest level of Health & Safety, whilst still providing a quality service.

The service we shall provide will aim to be the safest and most efficient solution to our clients without compromising quality or time.

Key Opportunities

By working with Artel Scaffolding you are putting yourself in the optimum position to be able to service your client’s ever-changing needs.  Our indepth knowledge of the scaffolding, access and construction industry means we are able to foresee any pitfalls you might encounter before they occur.  We know that rarely does a job proceed along a set route.

Our experience shows that with proper planning and preparation, changes which may impinge on your schedule due to a change in scope can be minimised.

At Artel Scaffolding, we totally understand this and are in a unique position to help your site managers by working with you from tender stage right through to handover.  By getting Artel onboard when you develop your scaffold schedule you are getting full use of our experience and understanding of how scaffold can help minimise delays for other trades on your contract.  This is all carried out with a keen eye to minimising any cost implications, whilst still taking full account of all Health & Safety implications.  This is particularly relevant in the case of Rail developments where there are many extra disciplines and challenges to take account of.

Furthermore we have found that when this service is taken advantage of we are able to build up more of a rapport with the client, and ensure we are all working together to achieve the best and most efficient outcomes.

At Artel Scaffolding we don’t just talk about planning, we have recently introduced our own Artel Scaffolding Management philosophy based on the Management Style from the British Army – 7P’s.

Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Pretty Poor Performance