Transporting Quality Equipment

Each step of Artel’s logistical process is carried out with professionalism and expertise and guided by our values of safety, quality, sustainability and social responsibility.

Procurement is the first step. With continuous investment in new stock that meets exacting ISO Standards – including tube, boards and fittings – Artel’s all-encompassing Quality Management System makes sure that we deliver the very best of equipment to your site. 


Our Fleet is Environmentally Friendly and Time Efficient

To move quality equipment, you need a quality fleet of vehicles with highly trained drivers – and that’s exactly what we have. 

Artel’s lorries, hybrid vans and cars all meet Euro 6 standards –  stringent environmental guidelines to reduce emissions – ensuring that we are ULEZ compliant. Trackers are fitted to our vehicles to help us rationalise and plan the most efficient routes, which invariably helps us to tread lightly with our carbon footprint. Vehicle tracking and reporting also allow us to monitor deliveries to site, ensure that we are on time with the correct materials and enable us to respond quickly to our clients.


Safety and Training

We take our responsibility towards fellow road users very seriously. The entire fleet is fitted with recommended sensors and mirrors to give our drivers excellent visibility and all our drivers take part in a cycle safety awareness course as part of ongoing FORS training.



  • Brand/image awareness = accountability
  • Training and apprenticeship scheme


  • All stock and materials purchased to ISO standards
  • All-encompassing QMS


  • With vehicle tracking and delivery reporting systems in place, we aim for 100% on time, 100% correct delivery of materials to our scaffold sites.